War Cry

Darkness knocks with iron fist

While ranks form up outside

Before our eyes the great doors shake

The enemy draws nigh


Men brace the battered oaken doors

Strength bolstered by their fear

While still more flee, their hearts laid bare

Death taints all courage here


Let forth the ancient oaken doors!

Ride out and meet the sun

We shall not dine in hallowed halls

Until the battle’s won


Let bitter Sulphur fill the air

Ride out and meet your foe

Let thunder wrack these ancient halls

And purge you of your woe


Let forth your most courageous cries

Add clamor to the din

The strength of men shall never fail

While hearts remain within


Rise up against your deepest fears

Thrust up your swords and shields

And when the battle’s over,

And when blood paints red the fields,


When hearts of men are weary

Of the darkness in their depths,

Rise up again and sound the cry

That wakes them from their deaths


To arms my men!

Fear not the dark!

Look on it as your own

And banish it with blazing heart

Before the rising sun!


And when death comes, and takes you back

Into her warm embrace

Depart the world with honest heart

Do not your lives disgrace


Sheath not your sword my sweetest friend

Keep vigil at the door

And with your heart of fire

Leave the world a warrior


When battlefields are in full bloom

And sunset fills the sky

The oaken door

Shall gently close

And old warriors will die


But let this not foretell the end

Take up their battle cries

For though men’s lives may come and go

The sun shall always rise.


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