The Howl

Nature has a voice

and it goes creak,

like your closet door in the night.

You may well be afraid of it,

you with your grey suit and black-and-white mind,

your square house and picket fence.

This is the boogeyman they warned you about

back home.

The trees here are bigger than the hairs on the back of your neck,

but they stand up the same way-


You thought, you really thought that you could knock them down?

No more.

As darkness falls the stars take their places,

and you see the judgement of their light

reaching down like marble pillars on a groundless sky;

you see the tops of the trees

crowning the full moon in its glory;

you see the circle that rules Here

turning on the surface of black water.

You see?

The boogeyman stares back, face blurred by ripples.


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