[Motorcycle] Parts for a Better Ride

The airbrushed advertisement on the glossy back page

Is both scantily clad and iron hided,

Pixel-shaded eyes a bastion against which I dare not delve for fear

Of losing my gilded monocle,

But it still gets my attention after two-hundred millennia. The caption

Reads: ‘Some things in life are not so hard to get,’ and here I’ve proved it right.

I could stop right there and call myself a beast, which I have and which I am for sure,

But the sunlight prods me as I walk on unsteady feet:

I spit my maladjusted pupils on it, it is the same yet unfamiliar,

And I think surely animals don’t take such issue with their existence. They do what they tell themselves,

And we are what we call ourselves.

My light-emitting-diodes and videos of people sweating did little to prepare me for this

Life. Your free eyes made my mirage waver

As you passed.

When I can waive my thirst in exchange for seeing that dunes are as pretty as an oasis,

And I stop caring about where to step and happily slip on the sand before you, my grubby paws

And proud claws dissolving into morning mist in the honesty: well then

My act

That I wanted so badly to have together

Will have long since fallen and spilled itself over the ground.


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